Marbella Naturals

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Marbella is a labour of love and hands down our favourite project till date. I was lucky enough to partner with founder Gaurav Jalote for the creation and launch of Marbella - a collection of natural beauty and skincare products. With words like young, modern, attractive and bespoke being thrown around Gaurav and I knew we were both on the same page from day one. The logo explores the contrast between a sleek, modern typeface, alluding to a slight playfulness but also bringing the brand into the modern worlds, making it stand out in a crowded market. Purpose and minimalism were at the forefront of packaging design. The objective was to create a polished, purposeful and crisp look with a botanical edge to catch the eye of a discerning audience. All aspects of the design were incredibly intentional to demonstrate the brand’s commitment towards positive environmental impact.


Brand Ideation
Brand Identity
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