Kia Designer Studio


Rajkot based fashion studio Splash was in need of a brand overhaul to take an already successful business to a higher clientele. Having outgrown it's previous design Komel was ready to polish up her brand with an all new name and look for her studio. Her vision for Kia (the new studio) was bold, classic and with a touch of glamour. We came up with an overall neutral palette with lots of black and white and added a pop of gold foil accent to amp it up a bit. We also paired the classic feel of a serif font with a modern custom cursive font to create an elegant brand that elevates this amazing designer studio and solidifies their experience in the industry. 



The very name ‘At First Blink’ personifies the work of the studio. I am completely in awe of Persis’s commitment towards a project. At the end of the day she makes sure not just to deliver it to the client but also ensures that it’s something beyond their expectations.
— Komel Bhanushali.