Awesome Travels

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Vadodara based travel agency Awesome Travels wanted to create a  website that steered away from the usual. We took our cue from the current hipster trend to design a webspace which looked off-beat, young and offered Awesome a way to showcase traveling based on interests and hobbies. The highlights of this project are its Call-to-Action headlines and iconography - and I just love how it all came together! 




Dear Persis,

Firstly it was great working with you and your company.

There are some dreams and vision for the company which really get delayed because of a lack of the right person’s involvement. To design any perfect website it just does not take creativity but understanding of client’s requirements. A Web designer has to have that ability to see what clients want to see on their website and yes you have done it!

Persis you have been able to put a right blend of creativity and elegance to our website making it off beat and trendy.

I have only one word to end “ WOW “ for your work and your company.
— Chirayu Shah.