Health Nuts


Health Nuts is a newly launched health focused take-away joint in Delhi. Realizing the lack of restaurants serving healthy food which also tasted good, founder Sanil Bhatia came to me with this novel idea to make it all happen. I knew I would love working with him the minute he described his vision for the new brand - fun, fresh and with some personality.



The Project


Sanil was looking for a colourful palette with a fun and welcoming vibe as well as an organic undertone. We also had to make sure that the brand was versatile and could be used for various applications given the line of his business.

Once we established the overall mood and colour palette for the new brand development, I got to work on the logo design. I had so many different ideas for this one that I actually ended up presenting quite a long list of options and variations. I put together a variety of icons and fun font combinations.

After seeing the different logo options, Sanil stuck true to his original vision for the brand but we incorporated a quirky hand written font and a succulent watermelon icon to form one pretty awesome logo. 

We also created some cool business cards with a bitten-off effect and a promotional 'Opening Soon' graphic to promote his upcoming venture across various social media platforms. 

As Persis and I are based in a different city, all our conversations were on the phone or through emails. In the begining I thought it will be difficult to explain my views of to what kind of logo I want. But I must say that she managed to go above my expectations.

Thank you Persis for the lovely logo. Cheers !
— Sanil.