At First Blink
At First Blink
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The Studio

At First Blink is a full service creative design studio specialising in branding and content creation for print, web and social media platforms. The name comes from the phrase love at first sight, referring to seeing something for the very first time and being instantly attracted to it. Naturally, AFB aims to embody this phrase in all its design work, because "first impressions are lasting impressions" and design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Whether you're crafting your dream business from the ground up and need a stand-out suite of brand assets, or creating an online presence for your existing venture, AFB can help you craft a brand that aligns with your vision and equip you with the tools needed to authentically bring your brand to life. 



Persis Shah is the designer + creative behind AFB. With expertise in design and marketing her wish is to create rocket propelled social media strategies and beautiful spaces on the web for start-ups and happy people. 

By day (and more often than not by night), she works with clients on custom branding, web designing and social media projects. She also creates affordable pre-made logos and templates for her etsy shop. Having always been enamoured by visual aesthetics and beautifully written words that contribute towards a perfect design, she tries to blend her fondness for both by writing and curating her lifestyle blog.