You Are Incredible.

Isn't it time your BRAND is, too? Learn about my work process and discover if we are a good-fit here.


I make sure to include you in my design process as much as possible. After all, this is your business.

Whether it's your logo, website or e-commerce shop, I believe each client I work with is unique and should get an end product that is too! Through conversations, questionnaires and visual inspiration from you, my process is centred around identifying your unique qualities and creating and visual identity that will inspire your audience. Together, we'll edit and tweak to make sure both our visions become a reality. 






05 / YOU



Every project begins with defining your goals and discovering your design vision. I will collect information about your needs and business and have you fill out a questionnaire or curate a visual inspiration board on Pinterest so that I can understand your story and make sure we are on the same page. You can  ask any questions you might have about the project in general.  



Now the fun begins! Once I have all the info, I will brainstorm and design. I will create a moodboard to set the overall tone of your new brand. You will see how colour, typography and images come together to create something beautiful. Once the initial moodboard is presented, we will work back and forth to refine it further and make sure that each part is in line with your vision. 



It's now time to put it all together and create your final deliverable, your brand new style. Depending on what we're producing, I'll prepare and implement it into various formats as per your needs. Whether it's a web installation or print or social page design, your brand will be consistently built-out to ensure a seamless design.

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