Brand Design & Content : Shamini Patel Jewellery

I am so excited to share with you a new social media marketing project of mine that commences next week. Shamini Patel is a ridiculously talented jewellery designer who knows what she wants. She needed someone to handle her online presence and generate content as she churns out gorgeous hand crafted jewellery one after another. I instantly knew we would be a good fit based on her attention to detail + timeliness. 

Shamini came to me with her logo already in place, but we decided to expand her branding by working around the existing logo. Since she is primarily in the wedding industry we created a vibrant and classic moodboard. We chose a rich and earthy colour palette with copper accents to highlight her feminine style. We also designed a secondary logo with a calligraphic font and a sub mark using the peacock motif from her previous one to complete her new brand.  A special thank you to Shamini Patel for trusting me with her brand.

Here is a peek into our design process... Make sure you follow her on instagram Shamini Patel Jewellery  and like her Facebook page, to see more of this creative collaboration. 

Jewellery Brand Board