Logo & Website Launch: VMC Automotive

Woohoo, I'm so happy to share this recent logo and website launch for my friend Jyot over at VMC Automotive. For his project we wanted to make sure that the entire brand and website were minimal, clean and visually appealing. At the start of this year we began with VMC Automotive's branding with a neutral colour palette of blue, grey, black and white and a fresh new logo with a modern font. 

Brand Board

As we started with the web design we incorporated the brand's colours and design elements throughout but still kept it minimal, clean and consistent. Our biggest focus on the site design was ease of use for the end users (Jyot's dealers), so placing specific graphics and call-to-action items were done with a lot of thought and precision.  Everything was completely customised and user friendly on the back end as well, so that Jyot could update as and when required.  

Website Design

I couldn't be happier with the turn out. Make sure to take a peek here to see the full site in action! 

About Page Layout