Brand Launch: Don't Worry Eat Curry


Very pumped to share this new brand, yet again for Delhi based restaurateur Sanil. (It's always reassuring when clients come back to me with new design work, since it just goes to show that they were happy with the previous one.) This time it was for his new Indian takeaway food venture. I knew I would love this project the moment Sanil and I brainstormed names for the takeaway and mutually zeroed in on - Don't Worry, Eat Curry!

Logo Design


We focused on creating a brand reminiscent of a typical slogan written behind trucks in India - Horn Ok Please. The idea was to come up with a name and then create a brand that felt both old and new, while being completely desi and inspired by Indian Truck Art. 



We used a bold and playful logotype with a worn-off texture and paired it with kitschy iconography to create logos which were slightly throwback and attention grabbing. 

Logo Concepts


It was important for the brand to stay true to the food's own taste. We incorporated a bright and fiery "curry-inspired" colour palette, and also designed a cute circular sub-mark for stamps and stickers.  The result is branding that's full of flavour and personality - just as Indian food tends to be.

Brand Style Guide
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