New Year Musings & Hello

..Hello!  It is lovely to see you all again; the year has only just begun and already it feels like it's moving too fast already!  But I think we have enough blog posts about how time flies on this site so let's forget that.  

2015 was a topsy turvy year with little emergencies and much running around.  But in between a tight work schedule and unscheduled travel plans I did manage to have a little fun as well.  This serves as a reminder that no matter how hard one tries to control it, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans...

2016 looks really promising on the work front.  I'm  already collaborating on two very interesting branding projects, and a host of other things that I've only begun to conceptualise in my head yet... That's how it should be, right? 

So cheers to us, our lives and our sense of adventure! Happy New Year!