Design Files: Clean, Modern and Minimal Branding

I've been easing myself into work this week and I'm SO excited to share this moodboard with you all, as it's for a pretty cool project with an extremely cool client who also happens to be my best friend (love it when that happens!)  When Jyot and I met a few weeks back we started talking about revamping his brand VMC Automotive and designing a new website.  Although, I did have a few apprehensions since I've never really designed for an all male audience before, I have known Jyot all my life and know that his sense of style has always been on point and wouldn't be difficult to nail down how he wanted to re-brand.  A few keywords he gave me were: minimal, modern and clean. 


The above moodboard does a good job of combining his vision for merchandising products with the actual brand itself.  In the beginning Jyot was ALL about black and white and told me he didn't want colour.  As we moved forward we decided to incorporate hints of greys and blues to keep the brand versatile.  Once we settled on the color palette, we started working on the logo variations.  I wanted to show him a variety of different styles and layouts before we narrowed in and perfected the final logo and elements.

The final direction is somewhat similar to the bottom left shot, and the website is currently under development, so I'll have much more to show you in the coming weeks.  Can't wait to share more of this one, so excuse me while I get back to work!