Travel Inspiration: Perfectly Packed - A List

It seems like I have been living out of suitcases lately, although it must be the same for everyone, as it is that time of the year for travel plans, and in case there are still a few trips in the making, here are a few tips that I have learned along the way, with hopes to assist you in planning for your next journey. 

Packing List

To be certain that everything is covered, one must make use of a comprehensive checklist. Click here to download a list that I have assembled to skip the nightmare of arriving at the airport gate minus your passport. Check all the boxes on this list and add any additional information that you like... then you can focus on important things - like picking out chic new luggage!

Ferragamo Pumps

Some additional information and tips: 

1. Add a special marker to your luggage so that you can distinguish it quickly amongst the rest at the airport. It will also avoid chances of people mistaking your bag as theirs. I often tie a bright ribbon to my luggage handles as a way to mark it.

2. Be sure to fill out all the necessary contact info on your luggage tags.

3. Download helpful apps before time to assist you in your travels such as  maps, currency convertor, weather guides and even common phrases for the country you are visiting.

4. There are some wonderful online tutorials on how to best fold your clothing including full skirts and trench coats, to maximise the space in your bag.

5. Be sure to look into the country of your destination -  will you need a sweater to keep you warm upon landing, will you need to pack an adaptor?

6. Keep in mind that only 100ml of liquid per container is allowed on a plane. Carry travel sized bottles of your favourite sanitiser, face, wash, moisturiser and perfume to refresh yourself upon landing.