Design Files: Cute & Quirky Branding

If you are reading this on site, you will notice that things are a bit different around here. On the side, when I've had a spare moment or two I have been working on my personal branding and website.  

Bit about my process-

This time I wanted the logo to reflect a cute but casual style and also be fairly minimal to let the work shine. I decided on a brush script font for the logo. Something simple and elegant without needing to feel perfect was the look I was aiming for. As for colours, I opted for a fun and vibrant palette and used some stripes and polka accents to pull everything together. The overall result is a minimal and light-hearted logo.

After creating the logo, I incorporated the same look onto my website. I wanted to showcase my graphic work and blog so bringing in the simple and clean look was very important. I also wanted the site to feel approachable and easy to navigate. While a few pages are still undergoing a revamp but I guess you can consider this a "soft launch".

Here is the inspiration board and brand guide I created for myself to bring my design to life. Let me know if you like it.