Outdoor Living: Bubble Tents

A luxuriously long weekend amidst lush green lawns and beautiful cascades of flowers, butterflies and fireflies, bright mornings and moonlit kisses.. perhaps it is the idea of escaping the city and being one with nature, spending an unusual night under the stars or the thought of living in a bubble or a combination of all these that make these Bubble Tents so attractive!

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has created a range of portable transparent bubble huts, offering a quiet space for retreat. The idea behind his Bubble Collection is to offer a surreal sensory experience with nature, being slightly away from the sound and the touch and yet fully enveloped by the sight of natural surroundings.

Each bubble suite is fit to be fully furnished with enough space for a bed and resting chairs. They come in two forms, transparent and half opaque for different settings, whether you want to lounge around and take in your surroundings or simply have a private tent outdoors.