Welcome To The New & Improved At First Blink

Welcome to the all new At First Blink. For the better part of this year, I have poured myself into dreaming up a new logo, brand and web space, wanting it to be a true reflection of myself in business form. I took extra care to not rush into anything or get ahead of myself through out the entire process. I wanted to make sure that "all my ducks were in a row" to allow room for future growth and expansion of this web space. 

With the entire re-launch I started by putting together a moodboard. I went for a classic + clean approach with a little bit of a feminine edge. Think: lots of clean lines, exploration of san serif and serif typography and an element of je ne sais quoi.  The colour palette is a combination of nudes, greys and gold foil accents.  There's just something amazing that happens when all the images click and the board feels as one! It's absolutely the key in visualising the brand and taking it forward.

mood board

After designing the main logo I pulled together the branding board and all the elements. From a secondary logo, sub mark, as well as the quilted pattern and textured grey background.

brand board

Using the brand board as a reference,  I went on to design my website and blog. The website ended up being very clean with subtle pops of gold foil accent. As always, I wanted to make sure the focus was on content and the site was easy to navigate. I couldn't be more happy and excited to share the final outcome with you!  What do you think?

website design