On Turning 33

I know a lot of people don't like celebrating birthdays. Some are just indifferent about it while for others it is a painful reminder of another year gone forever. I'm not among them. I love September 27th, and I love celebrating it.

When I say celebrating, I don't necessarily mean a big birthday bash - although the sixteen year old in me still loves them a lot. Like me, my celebrations too have grown and matured over the years and now involve consciously being aware of life, living and existing in this world. On any other day I rarely have the time to stop and look at the bigger picture called my life from above, to appreciate the fact that I wake up each morning in a healthy body, able to give and receive so much love, and with an eagerness to grow. Important and essential truths like these are taken for granted and at times lost in the violent expectations of my daily routine. 

Today, on my birthday I am not afraid of  the number 33, but just deeply appreciative of all the niches in it. I'm not sad that I have one less year to live as I didn't throw the last one out of the window. But, I'd be lying if i told you that I'm entirely made of happiness and optimism just because its my birthday. Like any other day anxiety and doubts gate crash today's positive state of mind, but I choose to embrace them as part of my being.

For today, I'm turning 33 with no unrealistic expectations from the future but only an open heart for all the things yet to come... to devour those rare and all too fleeting moments of beauty.