Wanderlust: How To Explore A New City

Familiarity can be as comforting as a warm blanket but true pleasure begins in the unknown. The mingling of anticipation and excitement, the boldness of having no plans, the anonymity of being a stranger, the fleeting look of trepidation crossing your face in a brave new world filled with adventure and possibilities!

Everyone is afraid of the unknown and finding yourself can be terrifying. With this in mind here is a small guide to exploring a new city by yourself. Alone! 

1. Wander around, go on foot, lose yourself in the winding cobbled streets and absorb every sight and sound that forms the unfamiliar city around you. Do not buy a map instead ask for directions, see where the roads take you.

2. Food is the best representation of culture and lifestyle of a city. Eat at local places where the food is authentic and decorating is an afterthought. Learn how to order coffee in the local language, or sample the local wine. Chat up with your waiter or simply sit and watch the world go by.

3. Visit a museum, a local market or peep into a local bookstore. You will find things you would never have dreamed of and they will all be good.

4. Make a mental time capsule. Listen to a song or a melody that will remind you of the city you are in every time you listen to it in the future. 

5. Buy a postcard, scribble all over it. Write down the places you went to, how you felt, everything you experienced and post it your future self at home. You will be flooded with bittersweet nostalgia from your past adventure each time you read it in the days to come.