Get To Know: BuynBrag

What happens when two IIT-IIM graduates follow their passion for design? This is actually the story of Prithvi and Ayush who wanted to redefine how people shopped for their homes, from their homes, which led to the launch of their e-shop BuynBrag. The site serves as part social networking - part marketplace so you can share all the great products you discover, get ranked for your finds, follow peoples curations and then go on to purchase quality products from the comfort of your home. So brilliant!

BuynBrag hosts a galore of  everyday products to lighting and furniture and even fashion accessories from popular brands as well as emerging talents.  My favourite items on the site happen to be the French Riviera like furniture pieces made of white and neutral tones and washed out wood. I wouldn't mind getting some of these for my home...

Lovely aren't they? Every piece of furniture on BuynBrag breathes style and each has a unique story to tell. You can check out the full site here or browse through the BuynBrag blog for decorating ideas and inspiration.