Tuesday Musings: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

It is Tuesday and its proving a little more difficult then anticipated to fall into this weeks' s schedule of work, projects and to-do lists after late nights with family this past weekend. Perhaps a little repose and a few cups of strong coffee, and things will be as they should… and in the mean time an iconic and an all time favourite picture - Actress Faye Dunaway is photographed by Terry O' Neill having breakfast by the poolside of the Beverly Hills Hotel in a silk night gown and stilettos. It's the morning after her triumphant night at the Academy Awards where she won the Best Actress Award for Network in 1977. 

Photograph: Terry O'Neill/Getty Images

Photograph: Terry O'Neill/Getty Images

“She isn’t sure quite who she is any more. I waited for her to look away from the camera, and I got the shot.” — Terry O’Neill.

What stands out in this picture is the gleaming Oscar statuette and the many newspapers with Oscar headlines on the floor. The unusual glamour and decadence in this picture makes one wonder wether she just woke up and threw on a nightgown and heels for an early morning breakfast or perhaps never went to bed at all. Slouched in a pool chair, a contemplative Dunaway seems to be dazed with confusion… a beautiful emotion - lived and captured forever.

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