Orange Lip Guide

I can tell this Spring is going to be all about orange lips, and so for upcoming afternoon brunches and holiday soirees, a guide to achieving the perfect orange...

orange lipstick.png

How-to | The Perfect Orange Lips:

1. Gently prep lips by exfoliating them with a lip scrub to ensure a perfect smooth base.

2. Moisturise lips with an SPF enriched lip balm or lip cream. 

3. Apply a lip primer for a silky smooth application

3. Apply lipstick, to ensure precision you can use a lip brush for application.

4. Blot the lipstick with blotting paper or tissue and reapply once again to ensure longetivity.

5. Right before you step out, dab some gloss on the centre of your lips to get the perfect pout.

Here is a nice make-up tutorial to compliment the orange lip colour trend.