Tidings Of Good Things!

Hello, hello and a very Happy New Year! Finally managing to take some time out to wish my lovely readers a fabulous new year, filled with adventure and magic and more beauty than your heart could possibly contain...for the best is yet to come!

Back at the office again after an unprecedented two weeks off, which for this workaholic might as well have been a million years; but this time out was actually a busy one with holiday parties and weddings, celebrations and champagne and at the end of it all coming down with a flu, which may have also been a blessing to take a little time to rest, reflect, recharge and come back inspired.

And the past year has been extraordinarily lovely in many ways, but a few favourite moments that come to mind were the many memorable trips abroad - Austria, Prague, Jordan, Dubai, Africa, rebranding my old blog and launching it as At First Blink and an exciting new venture on Etsy, which has only just begun...

... So now, from today onwards a brand new year for new voyages and adventures in work, love, life and every other beautiful experience  that 2014 has to offer - and for the rest of this year, do remember this:

Here's to many lovely and inspiring moments together... Happy New Year! - Persis.