Design Files: Custom Designs

Happy Wednesday! I have some exciting new custom design projects to share with you today! I am going to start with Nujood Alamri's fashion & lifestyle blog. The minute Nujood and I talked, I couldn't wait to get started on her design. Her style was clean and minimal like mine and she wanted her blog to be simple and organised. She loved dull gold as a colour, so I decided to pair it with tones of greys and charcoal against a clean white backdrop.  After deciding on a female silhouette for the blog header, we decided to add slight touches of colour to it and used a water-colour backdrop to pull it all together.  The final result was a sleek and simple design... and a happy client! 

 {Nujood's blog banner.Check out her lifestyle blog  here .}

{Nujood's blog banner.Check out her lifestyle blog here.}

My next project was yet another lifestyle blog for a bubbly, young client Nancy. When Nancy and I got talking I knew her style was very different from mine. She wanted a fun blog with lots of colours, textures, fonts and design elements. She was an out and out maximalist and I knew from the start that this would be a fun yet challenging project to take up. We threw together all sorts of fun elements.. gilded frames, chandeliers, handwriting and of course some touches of ombre and glitter. The end result was colourful and chirpy, and nothing like I had ever made before. It's fun to try something out of your league every once in a while, isn't it?

 {Nancy's blog banner. Feel free to check out her site  here .}

{Nancy's blog banner. Feel free to check out her site here.}