Hello, Dubai

Dubai, a magnificent city of brilliant lights, culture, beauty, magnetic energy, and possibility! Part of the United Arab Emirates, this labyrinth is situated on the South East coast of the Persian Gulf. It is renowned for its incredible harbour, expansive skyline and its easy accessibility. It is also known for its glamour as a shopping destination, as well as for the ever-growing sights to see & things to do.

Dubai possesses every conceivable modern attraction for a tourist, from richest horse races, seven-star hotels, man-made islands to the shape of a palm tree up to the world’s tallest building - Dubai has it all! And yet, the public kissing ban, permits to purchase alcohol, strict laws on sex and morality and burkha clad women on beaches are a vivid reminder that despite the rapid transformation of this modern-day wonderland, it is still bound by the laws of religion.


A short & sweet destination guide to Dubai coming up soon :)