Hello, Jabong.com

You may already be a fan of, or perhaps not yet know of Jabong.com , but I have been hearing great reviews about this online store since a while now. So when the sweet folks at Jabong asked me to review the shopping experience they provide, I was only too happy to comply. 

Having long been a fan of natural beauty and herbal products it didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted when I spotted Forest Essentials' range of facial ubtans in the store's Beauty Section

This Soundarya Ubtan is one of my absolute favourite beauty products. Why? Because every girl needs a multi-tasking wonder like this in her arsenal. Seriously, I'm always finding new ways to integrate this potent powder into my daily skin care routine, and it amazes me just how versatile it is.  It can be used as a daily face wash, mild exfoliant, masque or just to take the day off your face. You can mix it with honey, rosewater, curds or milk depending on your skin type and needless to say it makes your face come alive!

If you have ever used Forrest Essentials products, you will know that finding this brand in retail stores is a near impossible task. Thanks to Jabong, it is great to be able to shop for my year long supply of Forest Essentails (all of which, I should mention come with a certificate of authenticity) from the comfort of my home. 

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