The Beautiful Belvedere

If there ever was a fairy tale, it would be set in the palace of Belvedere… the sort of place only imagined in bits and pieces and fleeting thoughts of romance in one’s dreams. For its beauty is magnificent and allure, unmatched.

Built in the 18th century as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy in the city of Vienna, the Belvedere and its extensive gardens are considered to be by far the world’s finest Baroque landmarks.

Left unchanged through centuries, it is a sheer delight to the senses to see the ancient windows of the palace, not a single one left untouched by the flirtation of decadent, decorative mouldings of imperial grandeur.

Seemingly unending treasures of sculptures, fountains and cascadesunfold as you walk along the symmetric palace gardens to take in a spectacular view of the city - the impossibly romantic and always beautiful, Vienna…

{All images taken by Persis Shah for Miles of Style. Please link back, if borrowed.}