Decorating With Vignettes

I have recently developed a thing for tablescapes and mantle displays. They tell you so many little tales about a home and its owner. Like where they have travelled, their favourite books, flowers, their lifestyle, hobbies, collections etc.

Here are some beautifully created table-top and mantlevignettes to feast your eyes upon.


{all images are from my inspiration folder}

Designing vignettes is an art really. To create a successful display it is essential to tie the vignette together with a definite colour pallete, theme and items. If you notice carefully, you shall find that varying heights and creating a juxtaposition with high and low objects is pleasing to the eye. Photo frames, candles, coffee table books, souvenirs and floral arrangements make for good props, but as all artistic curations go, the possibilities are endless…

…B’coz a home means having a place to tell your ownlittle story in your own little way.

p.s.{also artistic are these: 1,2}