A Life More Swedish

I often find myself daydreaming of living a single working girl’s life in Sweden, when I stumble upon pictures like these…


I’d live in a small yet sleek apartment. It would be all white, with random bursts of colour and lots of inspiringwall art and artefacts.


Naturally it would have tons of throw pillows, candles, plush rugs and such everywhere.


The kitchen would be small and functional.


‘Coz I’d never really cook unless I had company.


A cozydining area to entertain a close group of friends.


My bedroom would certainly be delicate and feminine. Vintage wall paper, a small chandelier and of course some touches of pink.


And truly a must, an inspiring  home office from where I’d blog about fashion and lifestyle and make millions… Haha!

A girl can always dream, right?!

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