A Picture = A Thousand Words

“ A photograph always has a history. It denotes a time and a place & is able to halt life, if only for a second.” ~ Rodney Smith

When speaking of loss, language is threatened by clichés. But photographs tell us more about all that is, and all that could not be. This photo is a record of one such loss.

This shot of the NYC skyline was captured by ace photographerRodney Smith before 9-11. On his blog he mentions how this picture was quite popular before 9-11 and since then went on to become an icon, being purchased by people all over the world but strangely by no one in NYC.

Almost looks like those people with umbrellas are waiting for the planes to crash into the towers and the rain,a sign of doom.

Notice the symmetry in Smith’s shot… the man’s hat falling right in between the twin towers. On this side of 9-11, I find this sort of perfect symmetry rather disturbing. Much like the calm before the storm.

Such a potent picture, no?

{image credit: Rodney Smith}