Gorgeous Greece

Hi there! This is Dawn from The Alternative Wife.  I am so thrilled that Persis asked me to guest post on Miles of Style.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite places on earth, Greece.  I happen to be part Greek, my father's mother was Greek, and I'm fortunate enough to have family there.  I had a chance to visit this beautiful country one summer many years ago.  I visited Athens and went up north to where my family is from and visited Kavala & Thassos, the northernmost Greek island, also referred to as the Emerald of the Aegean.

The whole country is just breathtakingly gorgeous.  The sapphire, turquoise & emerald colours of the Aegean Sea, the amazing architecture....the stark white buildings with deep blue shutters and doors that cling oh so perfectly to the majestic cliffs, the rich and warm Greek culture, and let me not forget the amazing food!

I remember walking along the winding cobblestoned streets in the city, stopping into unique shops and grabbing some souvlaki and ice cream to enjoy during my strolls.  I climbed down cliffs near the Parthenon and swam in the sea looking up at the beautiful clear blue sky & amazingpieces of history right before my very eyes.  And on Thassos, I lived the island life to the fullest, eatingfigs straight off the trees, sunbathing on both beautiful rocky & sandy beaches while watching the beautiful sunsets and relaxing at a Cliffside restaurant.  All in all it's a magical place that my mind often wanders back to. 

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I really enjoyedblogging on Miles Of Style today. If you liked my post do come visit me on my blog The Alternative Wife. See you all soon! ~ Dawn.

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