When In Rome...

You don’t got to Rome because you want to slow down or relax. You go there with a heavy desireto wander and get inspired and be overawed with history, even if it means getting lost in this sprawling, confusing city without a centre.

2.8 million inhabitants, poor public transportation, abundant pick pockets and too much to see-too little time type of situations can often leave tourists feeling a wee bit daunted.

For me, suggesting a few must see sights in Rome is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child… absolutely sacrilegious.

The Sistine Chapel is a must visit. The Coloseum, a must visit. The Arc of Titus, a must visit. The Trevi Fountain, a must visit. The Spanish Steps, a must visit. Via Borgognona, a must visit. The Pantheon, a must visit. The other lesser known Roman attractions that I didn’t get a chance to  see, they area must visit too!

It’s how majestic this city is.

It is how timeless Rome is.

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